We provide the best service possible to a network of dealers and resellers through our strong brands, combined with direct-from-the-factory technical support.
Our Brands

World Representation is a distributor of leading professional audio-visual brands, working across the Middle East, Russia / CIS and Africa.

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World Representation is a distributor of leading professional audio-visual brands, working across the Middle East, Russia / CIS and Africa. We provide the highest level of service to our network of dealer and reseller partners through a combination of in-house expertise and direct-from-the-factory technical support.


World Representation’s success is built on our long-term partnerships with a select portfolio of class-leading professional AV manufacturers. We are proud to distribute the following brands:

With a product portfolio encompassing both open and fixed architecture solutions, Symetrix is the global leader in digital audio signal processing for commercial audio, backed by a growing array of user-friendly control options. From a founding base in the studio and MI communities, Symetrix has emerged to take a defining role in commercial audio, its products now a default choice for installations ranging from performance venues and sports arenas to education facilities and corporate boardrooms. The company is a prominent advocate of Audinate’s Dante AV networking solution, fully integrating the protocol into its DSP platform. Symetrix continues to spearhead the entire design and build process in the United States, supporting a global clientele from its Seattle HQ.

Founded in 1995, Visionary Solutions, Inc. manufactures Audio and Video Internet Protocol (AV over IP) equipment that provides real-time transport of audio and video over IP networks. With SD, HD and 4K encoders that support the latest technology standards, such as Dante™, H.264, and JPEG2000, Visionary’s modular solutions are recognized around the world for their outstanding value, performance, flexibility, and quality. With a company-wide focus on customer satisfaction through collaboration and hands-on support, Visionary is a trusted partner for high-quality AV over IP solutions for enterprise, education, healthcare, government, professional A/V, cable, broadband, and broadcast applications.

The Stewart Audio range of compact analog and digital amplifiers includes Dante / AES67 amplifiers, DSP-enabled amplifiers, PoE+ amplifiers and more. Based in California, Stewart Audio has been designing and building professional audio equipment in the United States since 1982, earning a reputation for innovation and quality among AV professionals.

FrenchFlair Audio is a French professional speaker manufacturer which creates a new and unique bridge between audio and architecture. Their loudspeakers push boundaries for the sound reinforcement of exquisite spaces and offer full custom capabilities to match their interiors. Combined with an exclusive range of ringging systems that offer unprecedented mounting and orientation of the loudsepakers, no matter the architectural challenges that can be faced within a project. Designed, developed and assembled in France since 2013.

Frenetik is a French brand that designs and manufactures professional Dantetm and PoE audio solutions. All their products share the same DNA that make their solutions unique on the market: · Use the latest available technologies · Bring original solutions and complementary tools to the professional audio market · Make innovation accessible by offering exceptional value for money Since its introduction in 2019, Frenetik immediately received an enthusiastic welcome from AV integrators, distributors, IT services and AV consultants, confirmed by a rapid development on the international market.


Operating from the United Kingdom, we offer in-depth technical support and training for all our brands. We also help to design and install audio systems in sports stadiums, hotels, retail developments and other capital projects throughout the developing world. Our in-house team and hand-picked UK-based partners can offer:

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    From a basic plan of the acoustic space, we supply a complete system design with a full Bill Of Materials, right down to the last rack, case and connector cable, all supported by detailed performance modelling, complying with stated speech intelligibility index (SPI) and sound pressure levels (SPL).


    We provide all the information necessary to install the system, including wiring schedules, custom panels, power calculations, weight loading calculations and a comprehensive installation guide.


    If required, we will work alongside our local partners onsite to oversee the system installation, commissioning and tuning, before locking the system down and providing full operator training.



As these markets opened up in the very early 90s, World Marketing Associates was one of the first sales teams to work with the newly emerging sales companies in the 33 countries of the old Eastern Bloc. During that time Francis Williams established relationships with these emerging companies and helped them to establish relationships with suppliers that has led to the growth of some of the most successful audio distribution companies in the world. This pedigree, along with Oleg Ivanov in our Moscow office, gives WMA unrivalled access to the Eastern European markets.

Middle east

For over twenty years WMA has been establishing distribution and sales channels in the Middle East. Working in all of the 16 countries as and when possible Our unrivalled knowledge of the companies working there, has allowed us to not only build up traditional distribution through a single territory distributor but also to establish distribution through key dealers in the market where a traditional distributor was not available. Both have been extremely effective and allowed brands to flourish in a region of extremes.


The 60 countries, islands and territories that make up Africa encompass some huge extremes in terms of market development for audio products. However, World Marketing Associates’ broad experience allows us to offer our suppliers significant exposure in the African continent. Providing tailored strategies for each territory ensures that the brand owner gets the highest possible sales in some of the most difficult territories. WMA’s excellent technical support and engineering resource ensures that in even the most under-developed territory, complex and state of the art projects can succeed.

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